stuck still

by gunny

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i don't know, it sounded okay in the headphones

shloppy sloppy


released July 13, 2016



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Z Money Chicago, Illinois

I miss myspace music :(

<3 rob thomas

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Track Name: oh whelp
people move away and forget their cats
they end up one thousand miles away and can't afford to go back
it's the truth
on their way to away
their cars might break down at gas stations
and they don't have credit cards or money to fix them
so they ask complete fucking strangers for a few bucks
and they definitely won't end up in the bathroom with a couple balloons having a real good time
Track Name: pite whine
white pines and evan williams hiding in the backseat
it's a hell of a drive
we'll go for a hike my head is swimming in warm and fuzzy
feels nice inside like my chest'll burst and out'll come everything

why go home
where I'm everything I never even really need
why go home
here i'm everything i ever really need to be

so it's getting older half as funny and never better
been a wastin searchin and tryin but I think I always knew that I'd never be clever

I live on the edge of feeling bad about some things
eats away for a minute then it ebbs now I'm sleeping in
I live on the safer side of feeling bad about some things
toe that line long enough you might as well lay down and go to sleep
Track Name: blowwhole
the everyday sunburn on my face never fades away to an olive skin
just blisters festers hurts and spreads
down to the back of my neck i'll soak it up
drink it in
nothin ever helps the red
cold day at the beach
cold water over my cold feet
there's no sun
just an open bottle of evan

you got a bag of ice but it melted and the drinks are getting warm
not much to do about that anymore guess we'll have to drink em warm
you used a can opener to make a draft
i got up to make a drink, knocked it on the floor
took off the shirt I was wearing, threw it on the pool

funny laughing falling getting dizzy asleep
on my tummy with a peanut butter kiss on my cheek

the day you knew your life was covered in plastic
paper swans drawn on origami finish
canine moles with a whole of a gopher's head
whaled jaw bones and house wrapped in cardboard plants
the day you knew your life was used up like sidewalks
a sarapul asteroid belt drawn on cracked on asphalt
husk wrapped in a borrowed warmth
find another with marrow and bleach clean bones to suckle
Track Name: hss
by matt cothran
Track Name: honey
any point of my life you can find me taking my meals over a dish filled sink
dog asleep at my feet
wearing a shirt with no sleeves
baskets full of laundry
in basketball shorts I'm playing drums
and getting drunk down by the river and
drinking beers in alleys with my friends

started thinking about making a life change but only on the weekend
never giving up on human weakness
i've been thinking about keeping in this cave and never ever leaving
it's warm enough and i'll grow old in here

all my furniture is from the alleys
been playing the same cds
since i was in high school
with my bad haircuts all the time
still hiding behind my shifty eyes
a crooked smile, a chemical disguise

start thinking about pretending that i'm smarter and that i could have written talking shit about a pretty sunset
i've been drinking and i've been singing
walking the dog around saying
"it's an into the sunrise aesthetic"

woof woof
Track Name: someday
i understand the appeal
i really like the aesthetic
i just don't have the time or money
to invest in a record collection
Track Name: liam / your death /..

the world is really 'taken' it's just that there's no liam neeson coming to save anyone we're all doomed we're all fish food we're all waiting to turn into black burned and scattered some place nostalgic that doesn't really matter

let my bones decompose in the desert where no one can see
don’t want to die in a hospital bed don’t want to be buried
let the birds peck out my eyes and snakes slither out my mouth over my teeth
little creatures come use my hollow chest as a place to sleep

hide your feelings underneath the table with the pet hair avocados and tomatoes they always seem to heavy to lift up on all the bad days are forgotten on the good days sometimes it's so easy to forget other people have bad days
Track Name: armpitty
shaved my armpits and wore a tank top, I’m a bad boy and I can't stop
smoking pot and stealing other peoples clothes, I go
up the street to the liquor store and buy myself a drink, two drinks and then I walk to a
laundry spot and start opening machines
i'll take the most precious piece
it's something they don’t really need
and when I put it on I’ll have all their sentimental value for me
so layer up, wrap it around, keep me warm in winter months

shaved my armpits I’m in a tanktop
Track Name: have a goodbye
oo oo

I know you know where buried treasure is hidden
in the backyard with potato bugs crawling in and over your hands,

the silverfish dance mating you watch and pap says be careful in the shed for a black widows nest
you make her a pet until she birthed a thousand more little ones

comatose inside in your own private petting zoo
in a fur disguise, hoping no one sees it’s really you

I know you know where buried treasure is hidden
in the backyard where years ago we buried rabbits
and once a cat who got hit in the street
and crawled back round to the door to die
you came home from school to find a look in her eyes of quiet desperation

comatose inside your own private petting zoo
in a tin foil disguise, hoping no one sees your only you
with your raccoon eyes, pinned and lifeless and heavily drooped
watching your best friend die with a blanket of indifference over you
Track Name: yuma passed
every night where we go where the the rocks are red
and the trees grow tall and crowd the path and spiders hang from spiders webs
and get caught in our hair and crawl to our ears where they will stay
and whisper up their secrets, we are all full of secrets
we are awful secrets

looks a lot like yuma here
bleached white bones a broken back snake and a dried out burrough ear

and the canyon is so high that from the top we can see for miles
and the lights from the buildings scream and dress us in
a longing for our abandoned teenage dreams
of a place that doesn’t exist on maps
a place where we can spend lifetimes by the fire
reading short stories and playing cards

in the cavern of my chest there is a dried up ocean with driftwood
open me up dig around and you’ll find trilobites and fossilized wood
Track Name: the apple core going sepia
Track Name: still, bad time drinking water
salt air
but i won't hold it in
i've been waiting long enough for it
salt air
but i won't hold my breath
is heavy enough for a kill
is heavy enough to know
you'll never really be full

forevering, i have no mouth and i must scream